Yoshi's Island Bosses

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No, this isn't a boss - but I feel like I had to show this giant Chomp from Marching Milde's Fort. After chasing after you, snapping at your heals and biting away softer rock, the poor thing finally cracks its teeth on harder stone, and a tear drips from its eye.

Milde's area is one of the largest in the game - after escaping from the Chomp, you'll find yourself in a large room with a door in each of the room's four corners. You'll have to finish the courses behind all the doors to progress to the boss.

Marching Milde

Happily oblivious to everything (certainly oblivious to the presence of Yoshi and Mario in her inner sanctum), Milde cares only for marching from one end of her room to the other. Since you don't want to be caught between her and the wall, you'll have to squish her malleable body.

Only after every squish, she pops in two - until the room is filled with little Mildes.


Hookbill the Koopa

Hookbill is definitely the most complicated boss till now. Aside from spitting out eggs, he can raise himself up on two legs and run at you or pull himself inside his shell and bounce around. And damaging him is not completely straight-forward, either: First, you'll have to get him on his back.


Sluggy the Unshaven

I don't know if anyone, after hearing Kamek shriek this speech, thought even for an instant that Sluggy might not have a weak point. But I do know that everyone, once they actually saw Sluggy, immediately knew that he had a weak point, and what, in fact, that weak point was.

Considering it's surrounded by a ton of protective goop, you'll have to penetrate to that weak point before you can damage it. And all the while, Sluggy will be moving to slime you off his platform.


Raphael the Raven

Was anyone besides me reminded of the Little Prince by this fight?

One thing I liked about Yoshi's Story was that, when it used special effects, they were used to support creative game designs (unlike, say Castlevania 4; the special effects in stage 4-3 may have looked cool but did zilch for actual game play) So, here we fight Raphael the Raven on a tiny planetoid so small Yoshi can circumnavigate it in a second, as Raphael chases after and the cosmos rotates about you. The method by which you'll damage Raphael is novel, and when he gets pissed off, he lets off fire that tracks around the globe after you.

If you can beat Raphael, he'll be memorialized by a constellation in the heavens.


Tap Tap the Rednosed

Tap Tap is the final boss you'll face before Bowser himself. Covered with spikes, he certainly can't be jumped on, nor can you damage him with eggs. But, hey, you're a videogame veteran, and after boss fights like Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros. 3, or the Crocomire in Super Metroid you should be an expert at indirectly damaging bosses. I'm sure Tap Tap will have met his match in Yoshi.

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