Castlevania III

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These are a complete collection of Castlevania 3 passwords. They allow access to any stage, from the first or second quest, with any spirit helper that can naturally access that stage.

(The only codes that are missing are those that would require a special name, like HELP ME).

Unlike some of my notes, this is not my original sheet of Castlevania 3 passwords, but was filled in much later. I may, however, have used whatever original passwords I had in starting the grid, and then just filled in what was missing.

I'm not sure where the "route" numbers came from -- possibly Nintendo Power or the NES Atlas. The stages can be unambiguously identified by the substages they encompass -- eg., there are three stage 6's, 6-1 to 6-2 (the dungeon), 6-A to 6-E (the aquaduct) and 6-1 to 6-5 (the sunken city) -- but for some reason I didn't record those on these sheets.

These passwords work with the name BB

First quest, first sheet

First quest, second sheet

Second quest, first sheet

Second quest, second sheet