Might and Magic Maps

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Might and Magic for the NES is a game that requires a lot of mapping. These are the maps I made while originally playing the game. That's as opposed to maps that could have been polished after the fact. Consequently, a few are a bit rough and have details I later realized weren't meaningful. Examples include needlessly mapping which doors were mapped in Sorpigal (so many doors in the game are locked that noting them all would be ridiculous, and if you have a good thief or are at a high enough level, locked doors aren't much of a barrier), or marking the destinations of the "poof!" warps in Dragadune B3 (they're random).

At this point, the maps may not be complete, since I didn't need to map every single grid to beat the game. I also may have a few more partially finished maps I haven't yet scanned or uploaded.

In all cases, click for a larger version.



This is my first map for the game, and I made a mistake on it (I believe I made the original grid too small, perhaps because I didn't know that they started counting at zero instead of one) and didn't want to start over, so it's much more messy and cluttered than the rest.




Caves Under Towns

C Sorpigal

C Dusk

Varn Overworld





This seems to be the first map I've completely finished in which I used color to distinguish between land and water. I probably was too obsessive in making sure each square was one or the other. But I think the color is more clear than the various other notations I used.






This is the first (I believe) map I scanned with my new laptop / scanner. It looks a little tinted purple, but that might just be the monitor.

Anyway, notice that there's one square at the top of the grid that doesn't allow access to D1. There was a square just north of it in D1 that doesn't allow travel south, but I neglected to draw it in the D1 map.





Castle Dragadune

Castle White Wolf

Castle Alamar


North Barrier

White Wolf

Hawk's Eye

Raven B1

Raven B2

Korin Bluffs

I didn't always visit all the warps in one area in a row. So, by weird freaky chance, I visited some warps in just the right order for them to spell "NUTSO".

Quivering Forest B1

Note that above (6,6) on this map, there's a one-way passage that leads to an area with no way out (Short of using magic or something). A bug? Or an intentional trap? I think it's the former.

Quivering Forest B2

Enchanted Forest B1


Dragadune B1

Dragadune B2

Dragadune B3

Not only are the destinations of all the "Poofs!" random, the tones are random, too. Each time you visit them, not just per dungeon visit.

Perilous Peak 1

Perilous Peak 2

Perilous Peak 3

Perilous Peak 4

Soul Maze

Unfinished Maps

I didn't need to fully map every area to beat the game. However, I eventually decided it was better to have everything I did up here, even if not completely finished, than not to have it at all. Hence, this section.

Town - Erliquin

This town has a lot of open spaces and barriers. I believe I mapped everything of interest, but I might not have marked every barrier or visited every single square.

Cave - C Erliquin

I did this cave the hard way, without finding or entering the access code. I believe this map is basically complete, but I considered it unfinished because I didn't note the dialogue if you present the code.

C Portsmith

I'm not sure why I considered this map unfinished -- it looks finished to me! Maybe I didn't explore all the spaces between the walls, or maybe I had wanted to fix the mistake I noted about the wall.

Overworld - A2

This one is obviously unfinished. The reason I didn't finish this one is that the volcano was difficult to explore since it did so much damage.


I probably didn't finish this one because I became tired of exhaustively visiting every water space. I think most of the things of note are mapped, though.


More difficult to map open water. At least I noted the Monty Python reference.

B1 - Final

This one is different from the other maps in this section. It is not unfinished at all. In fact, it is more finished than the B1 map in the previous section! However, the other map has everything you need until the end of the game, so this one is a bit of a "spoiler".


This map is almost complete. I just got annoyed with trying to distinguish between water and solid land at the right edge of the map.


Another virtually completed map unfinished due to some open water.


Obviously unfinished.


Obviously unfinished.


This one was difficult to map due to the game and its built in map screwing with your direction.

Castle Blackridge North

The map itself is finished, but I didn't get all the quests and dialogue from Lord Inspectron.

Castle Blackridge South

Likewise, the map is finished, but I didn't get all the quests and dialogue from Lord Hacker.

Castle Doom

I think most of the parts of interest are mapped here, but I didn't visit every square. As I recall, parts of this castle might have a random battle on every square, which is why I didn't visit them all.

Dungeon - Enchanted Forest B2

The dungeon with the Maze of the Minotaur. As I recall, I had just finished another dungeon that had a lot of warping, and I didn't feel up to doing it again.

The Astral Plane

The Astral plane is difficult to map because it doesn't allow you to use any of the game's built in mapping tools (you'll notice I never was able to put the coordinates on the map), it has a lot of open spaces, and a lot of invisible barriers. And you can warp from one side to another. But it's not necessary to map the whole thing, and this is what is important.


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