Phantasy Star Maps

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Phantasy Star's dungeons use a first-person perspective, which means they almost need to be mapped for you to have a chance of getting through them. This was in fact probably the first game I extensively mapped and needed to to beat it (as opposed to mapping for fun, or to find hidden items).

Unfortunately, that also might mean that my notes are a bit primitive. They might not be very self-explanatory. I'm not even sure how much of them I myself would understand right now. I'll have to replay the game sometime and perhaps annotate these notes more. I also can't guarantee these maps are in any kind of order, or are complete, though I assume they roughly go from the beginning of the game to the end.

I also made a mistake while mapping Bala Malay. Basically, I made it near the top of the tower, and then started going back down, thinking I was mapping new floors. Notice, for example, on map 19, the area that has staircases 2 and 3. It seems to be identical to the area on map 33 with staircases 6 and 7. I also made another mistake that prevented me from noticing this earlier.

I obviously got that straightened out eventually (or I wouldn't have been able to beat the game). I thought I made more notes on my maps about that error than I seem to have, though. Hopefully, it's not too confusing. I'd assume the later maps are more likely to be accurate than the earlier ones.

This is a short little dungeon. It might be the sewer or something from the beginning of the game:
Map 1

This is supposed to be (at least part of) Iala Cave, floor 2:
Map 2

The dungeon where you find Odin and the compass:
Map 3

Iala Cave:
Map 4

First Desert Cave:
Map 5

Iala Cave, Floor 3 (but barely has anything):
Map 6

Iala Cave, third and fourth floors:
Map 7

Iala Cave, second (more complete than previous) and third floors:
Map 8

Cave North of Port Town:
Map 9

Manhole and Jail:
Map 10

Cave North of Lava and Town with POLYMTRL:
Map 11

Unidentified Cave and Cave near Desert Town:
Map 12

Map 13

Cave I needed Land Rover to Reach:
Map 14

Map 15

"Great Wall" Dungeon:
Map 16

Tower - Baya Malay (Page A):
Map 17

Map 18

Map 19

Map 20

(Page C):
Map 21

(Page B):
Map 22

First, second, third and fourth ice caves:
Map 23

Prison far n-w of fourth ice cave, and cave east of fourth cave:
Map 24

Cave I needed Ice Digger to reach (south of prison):
Map 25

Cave south of prison that doesn't need the ice digger:
Map 26

"After cave on previous page":
Map 27

Map 28

Tower north of cave on previous page:
Map 29

Map 30

Floor 1 from Page A:
Map 31

Map 32

From 10 on Page B:
Map 33

From J/11/D on Page C:
Map 34

Tower on Island of Palma:
Map 35

Map 36

Map 37

Medusa Tower?:
Map 38

Map 39

Map 40

Dungeon After Bala Malay:
Map 41

Map 42

Map 43

Maze under Governor's House after beating Lassic:
Map 44