Dark Cloud Reader Review

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Before I played Dark Cloud, I looked at the cover for a long time. The game's name is "Dark Cloud". The hero is an elf with a green smurf hat. The game's name is "Dark Cloud". The hero is an elf with a green smurf hat. The game's name is "Dark Cloud". The hero is an elf with a green smurf hat. What could it mean?

The game begins with the hero, Cloud, bolting up in bed, screaming, "I have to save Princess Zelda! I hope the evil Sephiroth doesn't do something or other!" What follows is one of the most emotional moments in any videogame ever, something you will never forget. Aeris walks into the room, and Cloud immediately runs for his sword and cuts her right in half. Then he slings her over his shoulder and dumps her body into the lake behind his house. I don't care how "macho" you think you are, you'll need a tissue for when you see that.

Then the game basically follows Cloud around as he tries to find the elusive triforce and bring Aeris back to life. On the way, he encounters various challenges that will really push players to the limit. Who could guess that you'll have feed bombs to the gigantic boss creature known as Mr. Bomb Eater, who guards the dungeon where you earlier got the bombs? Or that to win a tricky menu based battle, you'll have to select "Fight" from a menu filled with other red herring choices that amount to "don't fight"?

The game ends with one whopper of an ending, when we find that Sephiroth is really Cloud's brother, and Ganon is the father of BOTH of them! Unfortunately, the story still doesn't have closure as by the end Cloud still hasn't found the triforce, or brought Aeris back to life. In fact, at the end, he looks right into the camera and says, "I sure wish we could have found the triforce and brought Aeris back to life! And we will be able to! In Dark Cloud 2, coming next spring, for only $59.99!" The ending is a little more satisfactory, however, when we think back over the game and realize the whole game is only a thinly disguised piece of Scientology propaganda.

In the end, Dark Cloud combines everything that was good about a couple of other games I think I may have played once before. And since it's on a Sony system, it proves once and for all that Sony is better than Nintendo.