Final Fantasy 6 Reader Review

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This is the sixth episode in a geriatric nymphomaniac's quest to fullfil all of his sexual fantasies before he dies. This time around, his fantasy is to teach a green haired woman what love really is. What particularly makes this fantasy kinky is that this woman can change forms, into an erotic esper, with erogenous zones all over her body. In game play terms, the time they can go at it is limited by a "stamina meter", which empties when they're spent.

To make this game go beyond the typical adult-only sex fantasy game, the hero has a nemesis in Kefka, a make-up wearing transvestite with a sadistic streak who enjoys "punishing" as many "naughty" people at a time as possible. "There's nothing like the sound of a thousand voices screaming and moaning in unison!", Kefka exclaims as he has his way with people. I think this game went a little too far with his character, however. I mean, with all the overt sexuality in Final Fantasy, did he really have to live in a large phallic symbol tower, made of "bones"?

Anyway, aside from trying to get in on with the green-haired nymphomanic and keep her out of Kefka's brothel, there are other side quests to accomplish which makes this game far more than a Japanese novelty, unlike most dating simulators. One of the most disturbing side quests involves trying to bed an animal, a "SLAM dancing, human loving" moogle. We also find that not only is the hero bisexual, he apparently doesn't care what his partner is, as another optional conquest is a person described like this: "A man? Woman? Creature? What is it?"

Despite some genuinely bizarre, possibly disturbing, sexual habits in this game, the little extra touches do make this game live up to its reputation as the greatest sexual fantasy game ever.


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