Pokemon Black Reader Review

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In this game you play as a person who has put 1.5 hours into Pokemon, meaning you're totally unready to trade or Poke-battle with anyone else. However, you know someone who wants to trade and battle with you, so they're always harassing you to play Pokemon. When this person sees you playing a different GBC game, they'll ask what it is. Since GBC games come in black carts, you answer that you're playing Pokemon Black. The goal of the game is to convince the other person of this lie. When they say, "There's no such thing as Pokemon Black!" you can say, "Yes, there is." If they manage to look at the screen while you're playing, say, R-Type DX, and say "But there's no space ships that shoot bullets in Pokemon!" you can tell a convincing lie, like, "Yes, there are" or "It's a bonus game." If the person calls your bluff and asks to trade with one of your Pokemon from Pokemon Black, say, "OK, I have a level 1 Ratatta that I'd like to trade. Interested?" or "OK, we can Pokebattle. I'll use my team of level 100 Mewtwos." You win the game when the other person realizes you're a total jerk and decides to never talk to you again. But be carefull - if you lose, the game'll explode and kill you!