Raiders of the Lost Ark

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In the 1930's, humanity had a terrible challenge to face in the form of Nazi Germany. This hateful and violent political party sought to exterminate whole races and spread their conquest over all of Europe, starting World War 2. Fortunately, America became involved and beat back the Nazi horde, eventually causing their leader, the evil Adolf Hitler, to commit suicide in his Berlin Bunker. But in Raiders of the Lost Ark, we watch the exploits not of the American army, but those of a lone American archeologist, Indiana Jones, who thwarts the Nazis in their search for the Ark of the Convenant in the days before World War 2.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a decent looking movie, filmed in 35 mm, and projected at a 1.85 aspect ratio. This lets you see lots of detail in character's faces, and the dry, hot desert that houses the Ark is captured perfectly. Indiana Jones's movements are very life-like and believable!

The soundtrack is rousing, written by John Williams, whose work here rivals that of Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimamura. Even better, the sound effects are fantastic. You can really hear the BOOM of exploding trucks, the roar of a plane's propellor, or the report of automatic weapon fire.

There is unsurpassed variety in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones fights Nazis with his fists, a pistol, a whip, and at the end of the movie, even uses the wrath of an angry Hebrew God! No matter what weapon Indiana uses, he always responds well to the attacks of his enemies.

The story is one of the best ever. Can Indiana Jones escape a dangerous monkey who wants to poison his food, while tricking the Nazis into using a magnifying lens handle that's a foot too long for its intended purpose? Also, the story is replete with face meltings and head explosions, so there's finally something available for mature people.

Indiana Jones is the movie of the century. Never before has such cinematic storytelling, fast paced action, world spanning adventure, and true-blue heroics combined into one single feast for the eyes, ears and emotions. It's fun and worth a ticket purchase.