R-Type Delta Reader Review

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The R-Type series is one of the greatest videogame series ever. And part of the reason it is such a great series is one key factor which lets you know that you're playing an R-Type game: You can only play as the R-9.

I was so excited to get home from the store, R-Type Delta clutched in my hands. The actual ride home was exciting since I had R-Type Delta in my hands the whole time, as I tried to grab the steering wheel with my pinkies, and a couple of times I lost control of the car. Then, I tore off the game's shrink wrap and added it to the ''ball.'' Then I threw the CD case and manual in the trash because, honestly, who needs those? Then I popped the game in my chipped playstation. you heard me. My Playstation's chipped. That makes me hip. All the excitement of playing a new R-Type game washed over, and I began to shak uncontrolablly, just as my dual shock, which I have attached to a resonating board, kicked in.

All that excitement turned into a pit in my stomache when I got to the ship select screen. That's right, SHIP SELECT SCREEN. If you only have one ship to choose from, that means you don't need a ship select screen. But guess what? R-Type Delta has one anyway. because you can select between different ships.

True, my dissappointment should have been predictable. The intro FMV does show 3 ships. But, I dunno, maybe they could have just been there to show 2 other ships you do NOT play as (are you reading this Irem?) You know, to make you think, ''I'm playing as the R-9. Not those two other ships in the FMV.''

Unfortunately, being able to play as 3 ships totally ruined the game for me. I looked back at R-Type and R-Type 2 and R-Type Leo and R-Type DX and R-Type for the Sega master system, and I thought to myself, ''What do these games have in common?'' Answer: You can only play as one ship.

True, I could decide to play with only one ship in R-Type Delta, but I always know those other 2 are there. Oh, yes. And if I win, I heard a FOURTH ship could be unlocked. There's no way my poor heart could take it, so I just can't play the game.

R-Type III may have had different pods, too, but do you know what? That game sucked, too. because it had more than one pod.

So, if you want a REAL R-Type game, don't get R-Type Delta. Because it's not a real R-Type game. And that ''For the First Time Now in 3D!!'' totally ruined what could have been a great cover art. Now, it's not a REAL R-Type cover art.