The Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time
Reader Review

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Perhaps the single-most antipicated game ever, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (henceforth refered to as Zelda 64) was the darling of the videogame magazine critics, earning numerous perfect scores (in such publications as, EGM, and Famistu) and has been hailed as the Game of the Century. Now, as an amature videogame fan, I feel the need to complete the picture that the critics have started. Was Zelda 64 truly the game of the century? Were the perfect scores deserved? I'm reviewing this game to say that not only was Zelda 64 the game of the century, not only did it deserve perfect scores, but it annihilated every other game and to give this game a perfect score is an understatement. Quite simply, there is no other game that approached the quality of Zelda 64. Opinion is no matter here - if you had a favorite game before playing Zelda 64, be aware: Playing Zelda 64 will make your previous "favorite game" look like a steaming pile of crap. So, try to imagine how Zelda 64 will make your second favorite game look. The issue of Zelda 64 is not whether you should buy it. In fact, if you can't afford this game, you should have sold every other game you owned for the money to buy this game. Although that may seem like a strong recommendation, that does not do justice to the overwhelming quality of Zelda 64. Even if you could afford Zelda 64 without selling your other games, you should have sold them. Why? Because, once you play Zelda 64 you will never want to play another game again - it's that simple. Any time you'd spend on another game is simply a waste, since you could have spent that time replaying Zelda 64. Nintendo knew this game was something special, and choose to commemorate its release by selling the game in a limited edition version, with the cartridge covered with gold paint. Of course, by now this special edition version has completely sold out - so you're too late. There's absolutely no reason to buy Zelda 64 - you totally blew your chance to own the greatest game of the century. But, really, it doesn't matter. I mean, it was the game of last century, not this one. So, no regrets - this sorry game has already been forgotten about!


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