Ukulele full body design

This is really just the old guitar design, but rescaled to fit the new neck.


I think it should work.  I also need to remind myself of practical issues, eg., with the re-scaling, will the pickups still fit?

2 thoughts on “Ukulele full body design

  1. Another issue is if I really want to put in 24 frets. For a ukulele, that’s gonna be really tight. 17 would get you to 3 octaves with 5 strings (and it turns out the ukulele I have has 17 frets, and while the top ones are difficult to reach in that there’s no cutaway, they’re really not difficult to fret)

    Might be worth doing anyway.

    Oh, yeah, another practical issue is, with everything shrunk down, is there still enough room for pickups?

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