Game Music Announcement

I thought I’d made some game music available. Since other places have quite a bit available, I have no plans to make anything complete, but will focus on stuff that I had a harder time finding.

I’ll start with my favorite song from R-Type II (the underwater theme from stage 2), and the essentially complete Bionic Commando Elite Forces. Yes, a game I reviewed in a former life. By “essentially complete”, I mean I believe I neglected only two tracks on the GBS, and both were more like sound effects than songs.  As is, there are already a couple of remaining songs on the soundtrack that are quite short (such as the music for some boss fights, or overhead zones).

I’ve read that Miyamoto often doesn’t like putting some finishing touches on games: Things like a nice title or menu screen.  He prefers working on the actual game.  Likewise, my interest started flagging after I got these songs ripped and uploaded, so some perks (custom tags or descriptions) are missing.

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